Terms & Conditions

Registration & Training Fees once paid will Non refundable in terms of any condition (Excluded 100% Job Guarantee* & 2 Days of joining*) for all professional training programs.

Once in professional training program 6 months will not change to 3 months program in any condition but you can easily upgrade your program 3 months to 6 months.

During this professional training program, candidate has to face minimum 5 interviews by itself (Case his practice only) and share his/her Experience to management so we can help you to improve your ability and skills.

At 40 days  program we only give placement assistant guarantees and based on performance and if we have job vacancy in that particular technology then and then give opportunity to hire you at AI. But in 3/6 months program we give job guarantee in our company depend on your performance and related job vacancy.

In 3 months or 6 months programs, while management show good performance of any program’s candidate then management offer to sign a bond for employment and give job offer just after completed his/her training program, and in any case trainee candidate refuse to sign an bond or offered job from us then company not follows the terms of 100% job guarantees.

In 6 months, Candidate is able to change the company till bond will not sign. After sign the bond, it is not possible to change the company.

After complete 6 months programs, if candidate will not be able to perform basic performance, then company has authority to reject that candidate for job.

After complete 6 months programs, salary will be given based on performance.

* in case of we feel something wrong on your performance issue, CTC offered issue, bond issue or trainees behaviour issue, we can rusticate that trainee without any notice

We are just a professional training program company so we best try to provide job related to your skills and knowledge so in any case, candidate cannot blame to Tale International for any matters, issue, fail to get right job, or not getting job in any case. That’s all depending on your performance and job vacancy.

In any issues students or parents can send us mail on [email protected]